Design Camp

2024 Design Camp

Camp Type: Academic
Classification: Youth Academic
Dates:  Jul 21 2024 to Jul 25 2024
Registration Deadline:  Jun 21 2024

Design Camp is a pre-college design program organized by Gear Up and the Department of Applied Design for high school students. During Design Camp, students will learn about the many professional fields within Design from ASU Faculty and Students. You will also create scale models during one day activities for each program. The design thinking skills and creative experience gained can empower students  on their path toward becoming innovative problem solvers and prepare them to tackle the challenges of the future. After four full days and completing a project in Design Foundations, Apparel Design, Industrial Design and Interior Design, a reception is held for all campers and parents to showcase each camper’s efforts.   

During each day, campers engage in one-on-one and group activities associated with the design process. There are presentations about the project and from outside professional designers that engage the campers. Campers are also given tours of the various studio and lab spaces used by the faculty and students at Appalachian. A sample daily schedule is below: 

  • Introduction to Project
  • Drawing Demonstration and Camper Participation
  • Group Brainstorming Activity
  • Thumbnail/Concept Generation
  • Alumni Professional Presentation
  • Feedback and Critique of Concepts
  • Refinement of Ideas
  • Model Building Demonstration
  • Finalization of Concept as Rendering and Model
Design Camp

Student Eligibility

Design Camp-2

This camp is for mature high school age students (rising 9th through 12th grade). If you are creative, like to build or draw objects, or are just inquisitive on how things work, then this is a perfect camp for you!  Because of the volume and complexity of the material that will be presented, we would like to encourage participants to come rested, and prepared to take on the challenge. Only 60 students will be accepted for this program. All camp attendees are required to participate in all aspects and activities of the Design Camp. Activities include the following: brainstorming, drawing, and building models with a variety of materials. Campers will use industry specific tools for all of these activities. All materials and tools will be provided by the camp.

Camp Fees

Residential camper fee: TBD

Day camper fee: TBD

Registration/Cancellation Deadline: TBD

Additional Information

Residential Camper Check-in: Sunday, July 21, 2024 Time TBD; Residence Hall Location: TBD

Day Camper Check-in: Monday, July 22, 2024 from 8:00 – 8:30am at Reich College of Education Lobby 

Day Camper Pick-up: 5pm, daily, at Reich College of Education

Residential Camper Check-out: Thursday, July 25, 6pm (after reception) 

Reich College of Education is located at 151 College Street, Boone, North Carolina 28608. 

Long-term parking is available at Rivers Street Parking Deck and parking passes for chaperones will be provided at resident check-in.  Drop-off (30 minute) parking is available at the Library Parking deck adjacent to the Reich College of Education. Buses must park at the Greenwood parking lot and do not require a parking pass; directions will be provided at check-in. An interactive campus map is available for planning your route.

Camp Leadership


Mr. Michael Rall, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Design, with a degree from North Carolina State’s College of Design in Industrial Design. He has worked with the community for a number of years, engaging middle and high school students in the various design fields. The expansive nature of Industrial Design has allowed Michael to work in a variety of fields from gifts to furniture. He is particularly interested in how the ever changing areas of new technology, both input (Touch Sensitive Displays) and output (3D Printers), can be implemented into the classroom. Michael is an avid user of both technologies in his creative work as a way to rapidly visualize new design work.

Teacher of Design Camp


Professors from Appalachian State University as well as other design professionals may provide additional lectures and lab sessions. Faculty will be assisted by undergraduate students from the Department of Applied Design.


College age counselors provide supervision of students during this camp. Participants will experience life on a college campus, staying in the residential facilities on campus and eating in the campus cafeterias and eateries.


If you have questions about registerion please contact Conference & Event Services by emailing

If you have any questions about camp content, contact Michael Rall by emailing or by calling (828) 262-8994.

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