Mission Statement

The mission of Conference and Event Services is to serve as a "One Stop Shop" providing quality support services to faculty, students, staff and external clients who are involved in the development and implementation of credit and non-credit educational and recreational programs. Our experienced professional staff work with campus departments to arrange for every programming detail coordinating housing, meals, publicity, pre-registrations, registrations, financial management, transportation and facilities.


In Conference and Event Services, our conference and program development staff will serve as your personal planner to enhance your event planning experience.  Choose from our extensive menu of services to customize a package that meets your program needs.

All programs are assessed a standard service fee, which is incorporated in the package cost for needed campus services and facilities. Our talented staff members are happy to help you with everything from the big details like registration and finances to the small details like lost room keys and making sure the projector works.

Your program planner will work to ensure that the smallest details are attended to efficiently and responsively.


  • Develop a planning time line
  • Determine specific program objectives
  • Recommendation of appropriate instructional resources within the University, government agencies, and the private sector
  • Assist with the identification of the potential target market
  • Assist with the development, proofreading, and printing of program promotional material
  • Assist with the development, preparation, and assembly of general information and instructional materials
  • Reservations of residence hall and other campus guest accommodations
  • Interdepartmental billing and the development of one final invoice
  • Development and administration of program evaluation instrument
  • Financial Management (total income and expense management with accurate accounting)
  • Payroll management (process payroll forms, request checks and maintain records)
  • Preparation of program financial statement and post-program analysis
  • Interpretation of University and State policies and procedures
  • Contracting with External Clients
  • Total income and expense management with accurate accounting
  • Develop a budget
  • Payroll management: (Banner System) Process all payroll forms (per type, i.e. permanent, student, external) in compliance with state and university procedures
  • Coordinate Tax information
  • Maintain payment records
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Internal invoicing to University departments
  • External invoicing to local vendors
  • Receipt and deposit money daily (as required by university)
  • Process credit card payments
  • Handle all refunds (check or credit)

Online Registration Services 

  • Create online registration and website for each program
  • Confirm registrations and problem-solve registration issues
  • Collect registration fees
  • Compile participant information into a searchable database
  • Provide a final registration list of participants

Online and On-Site Registration Services

  • Create online registration and website for each program
  • Confirm registrations and problem-solve registration issues
  • Collect registration fees
  • Compile participant information into a searchable database
  • Reserve and confirm lodging
  • Prepare name tags and folders with information (upon request)
  • Provide a final registration list of participants
  • Provide personnel on site for check-in upon arrival and settling balances due
  • Assist with compiling and distributing information about the University and local area
  • Schedule conference meeting rooms and other facilities including classrooms, auditoriums, outdoor facilities, rain sites and other facilities to accommodate program needs
  • Arrange of general-session and break-out meeting rooms
  • Room set-up and resets as needed
  • Flip charts, easels, markers, and marker boards (upon request)
  • Deliver and set-up any requested audiovisual equipment
  • Develop food service package -- breakfast, lunch, dinner and banquets
  • Arrange all catered functions ie. Coffee breaks, receptions, cook-outs, box lunches, and special dining facilities
  • Prepare meal cards for all participants
  • Arrange reservations with area restaurants or food delivery
  • Reserve room blocks in residence halls or area hotels
  • Arrange check-in, check-out and front desk operating hours
  • Reserve linen service (optional)
  • Arrange and provide main entrance door cards and individual room keys
  • Arrange for special needs ie. ADA compliance, telephone service, office space, storage space, guest luggage assistance etc.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • Reserve, deliver and set up standard audiovisual equipment (microphones, lecterns, LCD, overhead, DVD/VHS video playback equipment and monitors)
  • Arrange for video and audio taping of program sessions
  • Internal invoicing for special service requests

Special Accommodations

Individuals requesting reasonable accommodations due to a disability for events should contact the Office of Disability Resources at 828-262-3056. For interpreter requests please review the university interpreter services policy.

Recreation and Leisure Activities

  • Assist with arrangements for special events to enhance the learning experience
  • Make arrangements for tours to area attractions
  • Assist with identifying providers of special event services such as disc jockeys, entertainers, photographers, etc.

Transportation and Parking

  • Arrange all Motor Pool needs (i.e. cars, vans, bus)
  • Arrange all campus parking needs - secure permits and charge accordingly
  • Schedule transportation if needed