Register a program

Program Registration and Approval 

Programs/activities must be registered and approved by Conference and Event Services and identify a Youth Program Director no later than forty-five (45) days before the Youth Program start date. Upon approval by Conference and Event Services, Youth Program Directors will be allowed to supplement additional required information after this forty-five (45) day deadline. All supplemental information must be completed and provided to Conference and Event Services ten (10) days before the start of the program/activity. Youth Programs must be re-registered and approved by Conference and Event services annually based on the timeline addressed above. Each program must be registered separately.

  • Programs or activities covered by Policy 111.1 must provide detailed information including program itinerary, staff names, participant information, anticipated number of attendees, etc.
  • Program approval, for the purposes of Policy 111.1, is granted once the program registration process is completed showing the program/activity is in full compliance of the Minors on Campus policy.

The Minors on Campus database collects necessary information to track compliance of Policy 111.1 as well as providing university safety personnel an overview of when and where visiting minors are on campus.  Approval will be granted by Conference and Event Services upon a satisfactory showing that the Youth Program has fully complied with the Protection of Minors policy and these operating guidelines.

Youth Program Registration Form